31 Days of Tarot Challenge

Hello beautiful souls! First things first – Happy New Year! 2017 was a crazy whirlwind, but I’m hoping 2018 will be full of fun and lots of family bonding (we’ll see!).

For the 2nd year in a row, I’m participating in Ethony Dawn’s “31 Days of Tarot.” This is a social media tarot challenge that anyone can participate in! Below is my video for day one. You can click the link below for Ethony’s post with all the prompts listed.


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Day One: Reading – Energy / Major Lesson – 2018

The first day’s prompt is to do a reading on 2018’s energy or major lesson for you or the collective. I chose to do a one-card pull, but you can use any spread or number of cards you’d like for your response!

Be sure to use the hashtag #31daysoftarot in your social media post, so that we can all find and see your responses. 🙂