In January 2017, I made a series of Instagram posts about 5 crystals I thought were highly underrated in the metaphysical community. It’s now December 2018 and I still feel like these crystals don’t get enough hype, so I wanted to share these lovely gems with our community.

A note about Crystal Healing…

Before we dive into these crystals, let’s have a quick chat about what Crystal Healing is and why crystals are an important tool to use on our self-healing journey.

Crystals are mineral composites that aren’t just pretty to look at – they give off energetic vibrations that have some pretty positive effects on us and our environments. Unlike humans (organic matter), crystals vibrate at a constant rate. Our own energetic vibrations fluctuate throughout the day – and it’s pretty easy to affect them. If we’re plugging along throughout a day happily, but end up interacting with someone that’s upset, hurt, or angry, we may end up walking away from the situation also upset, hurt or angry.

Our moods and energies are affected by those around us and the environment. There are some interesting theories and studies on how a messy environment can have a negative impact on our mood – it can make us feel scattered and lethargic. Bringing crystals into our environment can also impact those vibrations. Depending on the metaphysical properties of the crystal, we can curate a collection of crystals that can support us in various physical, emotional and spiritual ways.

Now, on with the crystals!

In the crystal healing community, you’ve probably heard of Amethyst, Citrine, and Rose Quartz (to name a few) and there are several reasons for this – these crystals are easily available and have a lot of great healing qualities. I like to call them multitaskers. 

However, I want to introduce you to some amazing crystals that don’t seem to get as much hype as the others: 



On the MOHS scale, it’s pretty soft (a 3!), but it still packs a great vibrational punch (just don’t drop it. J). It is also a very common mineral, so you can add several varieties to your crystal kit for cheap: 

BLUEBlue calcite is a very calming stone, making it great for meditation, especially with its gentle vibration. It also promotes inner peace and it opens up the Throat Chakra by slowly reinforcing wise communication. 

GREENGreen calcite is a great heart healer, promoting strong and centered relationships. It is also great for overall healing. 

OLIVEOlive (dark green) calcite matches the lighter green properties but it is a little more grounding than its brother. 

ORANGE – Yummy orange calcite is a great energy and creativity booster. It is also a great vibrational cleanser, so you can think of it as an energy version of a dose of vitamin C, but for your aura! By the way – my 4-year-old son uses a chunk of orange calcite to help him wake up in the morning. 

YELLOW – I love yellow calcite for focus and memory. This is a great stone to have around if you’re studying or need some positive reinforcement. It promotes a sunny disposition and just looking at this crystal makes me smile!  



It took me a long time to work with this stone because I thought it was boring – white with grey veins (or dyed bright blue), the stone just wasn’t the most visually appealing to me. BUT, my hubby actually got me working with the stone when he picked up some specimens for himself. 

This little crystal is definitely a great stone that flies under the radar. It is an incredibly calming and peaceful stone, diffusing anger, anxiety and upsets quickly. A little blue sphere of howlite has become my son’s “me-time” stone. Whenever he’s upset, he takes his sphere in both hands and sits on the couch with his eyes closed and breathes in and out for 5-6 breaths. He’s almost instantly calmed! He instinctively picked out this crystal to use to calm down from all the ones we have in the house – which is saying something! If you don’t have this stone in your collection, I highly recommend it (especially if you’re a parent!). 



Onyx is an incredibly protective stone, especially the black variety, which is quite common. The stone is a variety of chalcedony (like agates), although the bands differ a bit. 

Aside from protection, onyx makes a wonderful support stone in times of grief or loss. The stone helps us understand difficult transitions and assists with wise decision making. It is also wonderful for working with ancestors. 

Both the black and red varieties of onyx can be used to balance the Root (Base) chakra, due to the stone’s grounding qualities. Onyx of all varieties foster inner strength and self-mastery, making this a good stone for breaking addictions as well – if you’re looking for a stone to help you shed unwanted habits, onyx is a fantastic choice. 



All goldstone is man-made in a lab. There’s some debate about man-made crystals and their healing effectiveness – for me, I believe that these types of crystals are just as good as the ones created by our Mother Earth. 

Technically, goldstone is a glass (like obsidian), with inclusions of copper flecks (red goldstone) or cobalt (blue goldstone), but we classify it in the crystal category as the glass is made from silica (quartz sand). 

This stone is perfect for boosting confidence, manifestation work and adding energy to crystal grids and spells. It is considered to be “the stone of ambition”, which is why I wanted to share it with you at the start of the new year! 

If you are struggling with your resolutions or a project you haven’t been able to start, goldstone may be the crystal to give you the boost you need. Plus, it is super pretty!



Agates in general are very protective stones energetically and are one of the oldest stones in recorded history. Banded agate especially can protect the wearer from psychic attack and energy drains. You can grid your home with both black and banded agates to protect your home and family and repel negative energy. 

Banded agate is formed with bands of microscopic quartz, layered on top of each other. The bands promote stability and balance with emotions. This stone can also assist with concentration and clarity, especially in times of confusion. 

The different colors of agates will balance their corresponding chakras; however, banded agates will bring love and support to all chakras, making it incredibly versatile! 

I hope you end up loving working with these crystals as much as I do! Are there any crystals that you love, but feel are “underrated”? I would love to hear about them in the comments below! 

Brightest Blessings, -Cory, CCH 


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: None of the health topics presented here have been evaluated or approved by the FDA and should NOT be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your licensed physician regarding medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. Use your best judgment, lovelies!