Story Time: Why I Don’t Practice Reiki Anymore

In 2012, I branched out a LOT w/ learning new metaphysical & holistic healing techniques. I had spent the first decade of my spiritual practice doing a lot of the same things. I stuck to what I had learned in those first couple years – & trust me, finding info on energy techniques in the late 90’s was NOT easy.

So, I trucked along w/ what I knew until I felt a strong pull to revamp & learn more. I was excited again & eating up all the info I could, including Reiki. The idea of being attuned to a specific energy frequency was fascinating! I quickly jumped on the bandwagon & got my 1st, then 2nd attunement. And then I noticed that I wasn’t really using Reiki EVER.

I had this wonderful technique, but wasn’t connecting with it & had almost no desire to use it. I was gravitating to other techniques & using those over Reiki at just about every opportunity. The symbols didn’t resonate with me (I kept forgetting their names & what they looked like) & I honestly thought my attunements hadn’t taken hold.

“Maybe I need a new teacher,” I thought, “Or, I need to try harder.” So, I reached out to a popular teacher online & had a single Master attunement (all 3 levels at once).

I practiced again, but quickly stopped & returned to my tried & true healing techniques. It wasn’t until after my THIRD lvl 1 attunement this past spring that I realized something. Reiki just isn’t for me, and that’s NOT a bad thing.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the feeling of having to learn ALL the awesome techniques available. But, it’s just not necessary. When you try to force yourself to be in alignment with a technique or practice, rather than incorporating techniques & practices in alignment w/ YOU, they just don’t work.

If this story sounds familiar, give yourself permission, now, to drop that technique! It’s just not for you & that’s perfectly okay. There’s nothing wrong w/ you. It doesn’t mean you don’t “get it” or that you aren’t “doing it right.” Rather, it means there’s something else out there that’s better for you & Spirit doesn’t want you wasting anymore time trying to fit this square peg into a circle.

Bottom line: stay true to YOU, lovelies. 

Brightest Blessings,