Hi there, lovelies!  I wanted to create a card / tarot spread for folks to use to “meet” or tap into the essence of their essential oils.  Why would I want to do that?  Easy – I want you all to get the most out of working with your oils!

You’ve probably seen a lot of “deck interview” spreads across the internet.  These are card spreads to help you get to know your card deck, find out what lessons it has for you, learn about how it likes to work, etc.  This spread follows the same principle, only you’re using your card deck to get to know a specific essential oil or blend.

First thing you’ll want to do is figure out which oil you want to start with.  Once you have that, work with the oil a bit (there are some suggestions in the video linked below).  Once you have sat with the aroma of your oil for a bit, you can grab your cards and dive into the spread:

1). ESSENCE – What’s the essence of our relationship?  This is position will tell you about the heart of how you’ll be working with this essential oil.

2). RELEASE – What can you help me shed or release?  This one is a bit self-explanatory, but definitely needs to be asked!

3). SUPPORT – What can you support me with Spiritually?  So, this question is geared towards the magickal or spiritual practitioner.  If you want to use this oil for physical support, feel free to change the wording so that it fits your needs.

4). KNOWING – What is the one thing I should know about working with you?  Another important question.

5). LESSON – What is the biggest lesson I can learn from our working together?  You’ll learn many lessons through building a relationship with essential oils, however, this card will shed light on the primary lesson in the work you do with this specific oil.


That’s it, love bugs!  I hope you enjoy this spread.  Be sure to check out the video below so you can see the spread in action and get some ideas on how to use it in your practice.

Brightest Blessings, -Cory Gunn, CCH