My kids LOVE working with crystals for emotional wellbeing & support. They have whole collections now and whenever they get upset, they often ask to hold a crystal. If your child is showing signs of interest in crystals, here are some tips I have, to get you started: 


First things first, you need to have a “safety talk” about crystals. Crystals should not be thrown, or kicked, or put in mouths, or shoved up noses.  It’s the same talk you would have about the stove, or riding bicycles with appropriate pads and a helmet.  If your child isn’t old enough to have a serious conversation about the care of their “crystal friends”, then they probably aren’t ready to work with crystals – plain and simple.

School-age is a good starting point, but you know your children better than I do, so use your best judgment, lovelies!  Either way, there should be a chat about how to handle crystals safely, as you would with any other tool.


KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart) 

Start out with a small collection of tumbled stones.  Having just 4-5 crystals in the beginning is really all they need at first (If you scroll to the bottom of my post, you’ll see suggestions on starter crystals).

I like to stick with agates (especially those in the quartz family) and jaspers for kids. These types have energies that are very grounding and easy to work with.  They’re also less likely to be overpowering (some stones have higher vibrations and can be overwhelming for kids & adults to work with, like Moldavite). 


Kids tend to trust their intuition more often than adults, so let them use it when selecting which crystals to work with.  You’d be surprised how often they choose the “right” crystal that corresponds with their issue.  

Plus, this teaches kids to go with their gut instincts.  Often times we stamp that out of kids so that, by the time they’re our age, they’re struggling with trusting those instincts.  Having your kids choose their own crystals is an empowering exercise and they’ll absolutely love it.



Okay – on to my suggestions for “beginner” crystals for your kiddos.  Below is the set that I sell in my Etsy shop (when the stones are available).

Lepidolite – this crystal has lots of calming vibes & supports emotional balance and peaceful sleep – things all growing kiddos need.  My daughter and I programmed a tumbled Lepidolite to help her out when she was struggling with night terrors – it definitely helped calm things down at bedtime!  She still keeps this stone tied to a pouch at the head of her bed.

*NOTE! Be sure to use Lepidolite in tumbled form with your kiddos.  Lepidolite in its natural state tends to crumble and you’ll have mica flakes EVERYWHERE.  Not good for your little ones or your vacuum.

Amethyst – if you’re looking for an all-around “high vibes” crystal for your kiddo, look no further than Amethyst.  This stone promotes emotional wellbeing, focus & good decision making.  Plus, it’s a yummy purple color that most kids love!  It will also support your kids with trusting their instincts as Amethyst gently supports balancing the 3rd Eye Chakra. 

Rose Quartz – this is THE crystal of compassion, which is something we need more of in the world.  Rose Quartz will help balance your peanut’s Heart Chakra & promote a “play well with others” environment.  Definitely a win-win in my book!  Just having Rose Quartz around the home promotes a tranquil and harmoneous environment – which is something we are in short supply of when we have little ones in the house!

Yellow Calcite – this crystal is considered the “stone of the mind” & promotes focus & high self-esteem.  It’s also a great Aura cleanser!  If your kids are in school, Yellow Calcite is a great stone to have around while they’re studying or finishing their homework.  I keep a tumbled Yellow Calcite at the bottom of my kiddos’ backpacks to help them absorb the lessons they learn at school throughout the day.

Blue Quartz – this yummy gem promotes peace, diplomacy & clear communication. All things my kids can definitely use more of!  If your little one is having trouble communicating their feelings or finding calm ways to express themselves, Blue Quartz is a HUGE helper. 


That’s it, lovelies! There’s not much too it – just make sure they know how to properly handle crystals and that they’re stored out of reach of little fingers when you aren’t with them.  

And for crying out loud, HAVE FUN!!! Once introduced to the world of crystals, your kiddos will take the lead from there.  Trust me.

Brightest Blessings, -Cory Gunn, CCH

DISCLAIMER! Crystal Healing is a complementary energy modality. What does that mean? Crystal vibrations help support our own internal healing abilities and assist with emotional wellbeing. Crystal Healing is NOT meant to take place of standard medical care. I’m not a doctor, lovelies, so nothing in this post should be taken as medical advice.