Books, books, booooooks!  I’m a little obsessed.  Books are a huge passion of mine & if you’re reading this blog post it’s likely that you share in this passion.  Recently, however, I’ve gotten tired of the same witchcraft 101 books and craved something more substantial.  Enter in my rabbit-hole dive into the world of indie occult publishing.

Below is a video I recorded for YouTube on the publishers I’ve found thus far and my mini-occult book haul from purchasing from a few of these companies.

Here are all the Occult Publishers / Distributors mentioned in the video:

1. Revelore

2. Scarlet Imprint

3. Troy Books

4. Aeon Sophia Press

5. Three Hands Press

Additional Indie Occult Book Publishers/Distributors: (Ouroboros Press)

Lastly, this one isn’t a publisher, but a neat book seller that carries a lot of the publishers listed above:


That’s it, folks!  Have you checked out any of these publishers?  If so, how was your experience?  Are there any other publishers I missed on my list?  Let me know your thoughts & I’ll catch you in the next post.


Brightest Blessings, -Cory Gunn, CCH